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Love Cooking Chinese Food? Just WOK It!

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Have you ever been to one of those swanky Chinese restaurants with an open view of the kitchen? Watching the chef lift and swirl around the wok in a graceful motion, as he prepares the food is quite a mesmerising sight! Probably taking inspiration from the chef, you’ve tried to cook Chinese food the same way; but since you haven’t practised how to before, you ended up ordering Chinese food from a delivery restaurant in Dubai. If you truly want to experience authentic Chinese food, then the “WOK” is the way to go! But first, let’s talk about what makes…

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Chinese supermarket in Dubai

Where to Shop for Chinese Food Ingredients in Dubai

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Ask anyone in Dubai to name the most popular Chinese takeaway or the best Chinese restaurants in the city, chances are he or she will share half a dozen names.  But ask the same person to name the best place to shop for authentic Chinese ingredients and you can bet your last dirham he (or she) will probably just shrug their shoulder and move on. The answer to this simple query lies hidden in the crowded China Cluster A3 of Dubai’s International City, which is also home to Wenzhou’s Supermarket – one of Dubai’s best- known supermarkets for fresh Chinese…

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