FIVE Reasons Why Authentic Chinese Food Can Be Good For You

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There is no need to explain the importance of healthy food. Everyone wants to eat, feel and be healthy. But why is it such a challenge? Is it because fast food is so easily available and cheap? Or is it because we succumb to our taste buds? Can healthy food be tasty?

I think most of us are generally perplexed on how to balance our work and life while getting healthy food. Fear not, because the wok cooking style is here to rescue all you healthy Dubai folks.

Japanese cuisine has always dominated the health headlines for years; but honestly who can afford sushi-grade fish every single day? Korean food is quite healthy too, but does your store carry Korean chili-pepper paste and dried anchovies? It is becoming harder and harder to locate healthy food, almost like the elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

But hold up!

There is a type of food where its staples are more readily available and it makes for fairly healthy, diet-conscious, portion-controlled meals. Yes, it is the ever popular Chinese cuisine!

It is as simple as selecting your vegetables, meats, rice or noodles, and the right sauce to satiate your taste buds. All ingredients for a simple Chinese wok cooking style can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Aside from the food itself, the use of chopsticks can really help control your portions. Chopsticks place far smaller bites into your mouth as compared to a fork or a spoon. It slows you down and when you slow down, your body is given sufficient time to digest the food so you feel less hungry.

Chinese soups – the magic word for those conscious of their health. Barbara Rolls, a Penn State psychologist and author of The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, points out that eating a broth-based soup before a meal can reduce food intake by about 20%. This is because soups take longer to leave the stomach than solids, interesting isn’t it?

We didn’t forget you rice-loving folks. Steamed rice isn’t unhealthy if taken in the right proportions. Most unhealthy consumption stems from miscalculated proportions. But if you are still concerned, then you can always switch to brown rice – more power to you!

It’s great to know that with Chinese food, you are consuming a lot of vegetables along with your carbs. More importantly, the meat lowers your glycemic load and the fibers will keep your blood sugar level in check. You will end up feeling sustained for longer and have tons of energy.

If you want to cook for yourself at home, that’s brilliant! But if you don’t have the time, just head over to our branches at Jumeirah / Barsha Heights or give PRAX’s a call, because your health is just as important to us. Take care of it.

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