How Do You Choose The Best Dim Sums In Barsha Heights?

Dim sums Barsha Heights

Originating from the Canton province in China, Dim Sums form an integral part of the Chinese cuisine. Dim sums were first served as an accompaniment with the traditional Cantonese afternoon tea. Their popularity grew after more and more people started consuming them as a wholesome meal. A fact that also paved the way for many cooks to open traditional dim sum restaurants.

Today, you can find dim sums in almost every restaurant that specialises in Chinese cuisine. You can easily find dim sums in Barsha Heights Dubai too; but when it comes to selecting the best of the lot, let the following pointers guide you:

  1. Choosing by type: Dim sums are cooked by either steaming, baking or frying. Some of the popular ones are the Har Gao and Siu Mai. Har Gao is a steamed dumpling with whole or chopped-up prawn filling. Siu Mai is another steamed dumpling with chicken or meat wrapped inside a thin sheet of wheat flour.
  2. Choosing by filling: Chicken, prawns and veggies are the typical filling found in dim sums. However, some restaurants do offer variations like scallops, spinach, BBQ chicken, tofu, etc. You can go for the ones that suit your palate or you could try the house specials.
  3. Choosing by price: Depending on the fare and the restaurant’s special offers, the price of dim sums may vary. Also, note that the more special / exotic the ingredient, the costlier it may be. But that is also what makes it worth a try.
  4. Choosing by serving: The serving portion varies from restaurant to restaurant. Plus, every variation of dim sums differs in size, again depending on the kind of filling inside.

These are some of the basic things that will come in handy as you explore the various Chinese restaurants in Barsha Heights.

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