Love Cooking Chinese Food? Just WOK It!

Chinese food

Have you ever been to one of those swanky Chinese restaurants with an open view of the kitchen? Watching the chef lift and swirl around the wok in a graceful motion, as he prepares the food is quite a mesmerising sight! Probably taking inspiration from the chef, you’ve tried to cook Chinese food the same way; but since you haven’t practised how to before, you ended up ordering Chinese food from a delivery restaurant in Dubai.

If you truly want to experience authentic Chinese food, then the “WOK” is the way to go! But first, let’s talk about what makes this round-bottomed vessel the quintessential cooking tool for Chinese cuisine. Some of the cool cooking styles that you can try with the wok include stir frying, steaming, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing, etc. all of them integral to Chinese cuisine.

In case it’s your first time cooking Chinese food in a wok, here are few simple tips to help you start out:

1.) Always start by preheating the wok until a drop of water evaporates upon contact.

2.) Use peanut oil since it can withstand the high cooking temperatures required for the wok.

3.) Unless you’re marinating your food items, use dry ingredients since damp ingredients will cause your food to steam instead of sear.

4.) Notice how chefs shake their wok while cooking. That’s not to show off, but in fact, it’s done so that the food cooks evenly.

5.) Cook ingredients in batches instead of filling them up in the wok, as overcrowding the wok will cause the temperature of your wok to drop.

‘Wok hei’ is another popular style of cooking with a wok. Also known as the ‘breath of the wok’, wok hei is a style of stir frying where the ingredients are cooked in an extremely heated wok. The heat from the wok contributes to the flavoring of the food, developing throughout the process while retaining the texture of the food. Though wok hei may not be possible at home, chefs at Chinese restaurants are able to achieve it, thanks to the constant hot temperature in the kitchen.

Cooking Chinese Food

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