Reasons Why Asian Food In Dubai Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

Asian food dubai

Over the past two decades, Dubai has witnessed a significant growth in the expat community, majority of whom belonged to the Asian subcontinent. This fact also led to some of them opening their own restaurants and serving authentic Asian food. Although, it was the global appeal of Asian cuisine which led to its popularity, but it was the ever-increasing demand for Asian food from tourists that made Asian food a staple in Dubai.

Though Asian cuisine has been in Dubai for quite a while now, allow us to explain why its popularity had increased immensely recently.

    1. Similar tastes: A common trait between Middle Eastern dishes and Asian food is their level of spiciness. While both use different methods in terms of preparation, it’s the hot and spicy nature that frequently draws in expats and locals alike, towards Asian food.
    2. Authenticity: Finding authentic food in a city that’s not native to the particular cuisine can be quite challenging. However, with Dubai’s global appeal and multi-cultural outlook, finding restaurants that serve authentic Asian food isn’t very hard.
    3. Fast Casual dining: When it comes to food, a major segment in Dubai follows the fast casual dining habits, where authentic and quickly prepared street food is preferred over time-consuming fine dining. So, Asian cuisine is perfect, and it’s for this reason that you will find many corners of Dubai brimming with takeaway joints that serve piping hot Asian delicacies.
    4. Easily available: There’s no dearth of Asian food in Dubai. In fact, you can easily find stores that sell Asian food ingredients, if you want to try your hand at cooking Asian food. Given Dubai’s fast paced life, on-the-go food is quite popular and that’s how Asian eateries like PRAX’S are flourishing successfully.
    5. Wide variety: From tantalizing curries to spicy noodles, Dubai is host to some of the most amazing Asian dishes in the world. You can visit different places serving similar styles of Asian food, yet be amazed at how each of the dishes are unique in their own way, be it the flavours or the presentation.

While many locations around the world gloat about how their version of Asian food is simply the best, Asian restaurants in Dubai have left no stone unturned to provide diners a truly memorable feast. One such location is Barsha Heights, where there’s a good demand for Asian food.

Barsha Heights is also home to PRAX’S, where you can feast on Asian food like never before. If you’re staying in Dubai and want to have some delicious Red curry, simply call us at 800 PRAXS (77297) and we’ll have it delivered to you.

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