Searching for Oriental Treasure in Barsha Heights

Best Chinese takeaway Dubai

If there’s one thing a foodie would appreciate, (apart from good food of course!) is good advice on where to find food, that’s worth every bite. If you’re a foodie on the hunt to tantalize your senses, you’ve come to the right place.

What we’re going to delve further into is the magic of oriental food, discuss some of the best Asian food in Dubai and the joys it can bring to your taste buds.

While there is absolutely no shortage of restaurants in Barsha Heights, there are only a few places known to provide the best Chinese takeaway in Dubai. The word “oriental” brings with it a rich feeling of culture and heritage. Asian food in Dubai can be easily found and the list of places offering authentic oriental cuisine can be easily jotted down.

Here’s what you need to look out for when you’re on your hunt for oriental food:

  • What’s on the menu – Does the restaurant serve traditional oriental food? Foodies want to savour the real flavors and not the “blended as per location” taste.
  • What’s the speciality – To judge the authenticity and quality of a restaurant, always try out its speciality. If you like it, you know you can rely on relishing the other dishes on the menu too.
  • What’s the price like – You do not want to frequent a restaurant that is heavily priced, neither would you like one that brags about being the cheapest. The prices should justify what is being offered to you in terms of quality of food, quantity, ambiance, etc.
  • History and brand value – While the new names on the block might clear the above criteria, the ones that have been in the business longer and consistently will keep you coming back for more.

The name that tops the list when it comes to oriental food is that of PRAX’s in Barsha Heights.

If you love adding a dash of your creativity to an already existing awesome cuisine, try the made to order ‘Go Freestyle’ Wok at PRAX’s – one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai.

PRAX’s serves some of the best and most authentic Chinese cuisines that one could crave for. Some of the top dishes, or like the foodies would like to refer to, as “oriental treasures” can be found here. Let’s take a look at the top 5 dishes you must try when you order here.

  • Adobo Chicken – for those who want a taste of true Asian tradition.
  • Chilli Basil Beef – because some like it extra hot!!
  • Dynamite Shrimps – for the love of seafood.
  • Spring Rolls & Dimsums– is Chinese food ever complete without it?
  • Thai Green Curry Chicken – flavors from the heart of Thailand!

The list on the menu is endless, thereby making it one of the must-visit places in Barsha Heights. If food is your language, then amazing conversations await you at PRAX’s – a place where you will indeed find some of the best oriental cuisine in Dubai.

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