Some Secrets About Tofu That Nobody Will Tell You

Tofu in Dubai restaurant

Tofu forms a part of one’s staple diet in most Asian cuisines. Invented in China more than 2000 years ago, by accident, tofu has found its way into different cuisines from around the world over the years. While many know about the health benefits that tofu offers, there’s more to tofu than you might know.  This blog will help uncover some interesting facts about tofu that will encourage you to have tofu more often.

If you’re in Dubai and want to try Tofu at a restaurant, here’s why it is such a good idea:

  1. Tofu is made from soy milk: Similar to how cheese is procured through the separation of milk into curd and whey. Tofu is procured when soy milk separates into curd and whey.
  2. Tofu is versatile: If eaten without adding any flavours to it, tofu will taste bland. But it’s this factor that makes tofu one of the most versatile ingredients to cook with.
  3. You can have tofu for dessert: Apart from the various savoury dishes that you can cook tofu in, having tofu for dessert surely tops them all. This again is possible due to tofu’s bland natural form.
  4. Tofu has a lot of variations: Just the way different types of cheese exists, so do different types of tofu. The most popular one is called ‘silken tofu’, followed by extra soft, medium, firm and extra firm.
  5. Tofu is vegan: Tofu being a by-product of soy milk, is completely vegan. However, there are some who still believe that soy milk is an animal product, which is not true.
  6. Tofu is loaded with protein: The proteins that are found in soybeans are similar to the proteins found in meat. It contains the essential amino acids, and though it is low in fat, it has high nutritional value. This makes tofu one of the most highly nutritious food in the world.

Wonderful isn’t it? Highly nutritious, versatile, vegan, etc. It might be right to say that Tofu surely is a ‘super-food’. It’s not just for people looking to eat healthy, but also for those who might want to explore more varieties within Chinese cuisine.

When talking about tofu in Chinese cuisine, one can’t give ‘Mapo doufu’ or ‘Kung Pao Tofu’ a miss. And if you’re looking to try tofu in Barsha Heights Dubai, be sure to visit PRAX’S. Or you can simply call them and get Chinese food delivered to your home.

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