The chopsticks chronicles


Shang Dynasty, 11th century BC: “There is no secret ingredient,” said the oriental wife. He used the round end of the bamboo sticks to pick up his egg noodles and it wasn’t the cuisine that was exuding smoke, but it was the sticks reacting off the poison in the noodles. Treachery exposed by the power of chopsticks. Thus, emerged one of the leaders of the Creators of Chopsticks Community – Master Jiang Ziya, the Emperor’s assistant.

Still… Shang Dynasty, 11th century BC: A mysteriously beautiful Asian woman was rumored to have a unique skill; the ability to pick up hot meats with her hair sticks. Emperor Zhou, the last of Shang dynasty, witnessed her rare ability and fell into deep awe and confusion.

Xia Dynasty, 21st century BC: Father of the first emperor and the truly enlightened one who understood the power of chopsticks and time like no other – Da Yu. He used to pick up hot food with chopsticks to save time over meals while preparing for flood control work.

Barsha Heights, Dubai, Today: A young male of unknown identity entered the bustling restaurant of PRAX’s and inhaled the authentic aroma of oriental cuisine. He received his order and pulled out the chopsticks. He held them in his hand just as you would hold a pen to write, but with an unwavering purpose. He picked up the food by moving just one stick, the upper stick. He raised it up to his mouth and chewed on the most authentic Asian food ever. His mission was accomplished!

PS: There is a myth that the further apart you hold your chopsticks, the further from home you will go. Some said the man had travelled far, and some said he held the sticks like “II”, some said “X”, and some even proclaimed it formed a “V”.

The truth stills remain elusive but there are some things that should never be done.

  1. DO NOT point your chopsticks at others, it’s disrespectful.
  2. DO NOT knock on tableware with chopsticks, it’s a sign of begging.
  3. DO NOT stir food with your chopsticks to find what you want, it’s rude and you will never find it.
  4. DO NOT invert your chopsticks and use them the wrong side up, it’s considered bad manners.
  5. DO NOT stick chopsticks into your food, especially not into rice. This only happens at a funeral. Unless you are at a funeral, then stick them away.

…Or alternatively, when you are at PRAX’s in Jumeirah or Barsha Heights, you CAN DO anything you want – because the only rule we follow here, is to eat to your heart’s content!

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