What’s so trendy about Papaya salad?

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Papaya salad or ‘Som Tam’, as it’s commonly known in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, is a hugely loved dish famous for its spicy and tangy texture. Thanks to the presence of various Asian restaurants in Dubai, Papaya salad has also gained huge popularity amongst Dubai residents too; mostly due to the experimental nature of diners visiting these restaurants.

What makes Papaya salad so trendy that people are “going ga-ga” over it? While the reasons may be many, we have rounded up some pointers that will help you know more about this delicacy:

  1. It’s healthy: Green Papaya itself has many health and nutritional benefits. It’s prepared by shredding Green Papaya into thin strips, then grounded in a mortar and pestle along with other ingredients. This process is how the name ‘Som Tam’ was originated – a salad made from mortar.
  2. It’s spicy: Papaya salad is spicy. The tanginess comes from the ingredients used which include chillies, garlic, lime, etc. along with other additional ingredients, which may include dried shrimp, fish sauce, shrimp paste, etc. However, you can customize the ingredients to make it less spicy and enjoy it nevertheless.
  3. It’s addictive: Once you’ve tried Papaya salad, you’ll feel like having it more often. It’s that addictive, but in a healthier way! Especially due to the cooling properties of Papaya, which makes this an ideal dish to have during summer (and to beat the Dubai heat).
  4. It has variations: While Papaya salad is supposed to be spicy, one can get it made as per their palate. Along with the main ingredient, Papaya, one can choose to add either cucumber or green mango. This would, in no way affect the taste, since the whole flavoring of the salad lies in the dressing, whereas the Papaya provides the crunch in the salad.

Papaya salad is considered as Asia’s savoury answer to the West’s Caesar salad or the Tabbouleh in the Middle East. And if you’re living in Jumeirah Dubai, considering the weather, Papaya salad is a treat that one can enjoy the whole year round, thanks to it’s cooling benefits.

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