Revealed : Why Thai Food Rules Dubai’s Culinary Roost

Thai food Barsha Heights Dubai

Do you find yourself automatically searching for Thai food outlets, every time you head out for a meal with friends or family? Does the mere thought of savoring a scrumptious Black Pepper Chicken or ordering a tasty Thai green chicken curry online make your stomach rumble?

If your answer is a resounding “YES”, chances are you are truly, madly & deeply in love with Thai food – and you are not alone!

Asian cuisine, and Thai food in particular, has made huge inroads into the culinary preferences of Dubai’s diverse, multi-ethnic population over the last few years. And the reasons for this are many.

The most obvious reason is Dubai’s growing expat population from the sub-continent that has witnessed a mushrooming of popular, specialty Asian cuisine restaurants like PRAX’S, that serve delicious Thai food. Or perhaps, it has more to do with the sheer freshness, vibrancy and well-defined flavour palate of Thai food made famous by popular dishes like Chili Basil Beef and Sweet & Sour Prawns, among others.

Given the recurring use of fresh, natural ingredients like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, basil and ginger in most dishes, Thai food also makes for a healthy food choice. Quite clearly, Dubai’s growing appetite for this delectable Asian cuisine is here to stay.

What is it about Thai food that makes it not just a tasty, but a healthy food option as well?
It’s not just the ingredients that make it so, but also the traditional method of cooking them – stir fried or cooked quickly in steam over a high flame – that helps them retain most of their natural health benefits.

So if reading this has stirred up your appetite for some hot, delicious and healthy Thai food, don’t wait… head over to PRAX’S in Jumeirah or Barsha Heights, Dubai right now and sample some of the customized, big and bold Thai flavours tossed up in a wok… Bon Appetit!

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